About Monolith Press


Monolith Press was founded on the idea that publication should not be limited by opportunity. So often in today's world, it's only work that is deemed to be "popular" or "mainstream" that makes it to the public. This often leaves innovative and alternative artists nowhere to turn. Eventually, "mainstream" becomes "mediocre" as no one is willing to take a chance on something that might stimulate more than the economy. We here at Monolith are dedicated to giving the unconventional a voice, and the world a chance to hear them.

Founded by Wil Wheaton (Stand By Me, Star Trek: The Next Generation), Monolith Press has many of the same goals as the larger publishing houses; educate, entertain and explore new talent. However, we are not bound by what drives the market or by literary trends. We have the luxury of choosing titles that don't have to be best sellers.

Quality, not quantity is our bottom line.




For more information, please contact info@monolithpress.com.